Why Sophlogic

We are often asked “how are you different from your competitors? What makes you different from all those other staffing companies out there?” The answer is simple: we headhunt. While most staffing companies source from the same old candidates off the job boards, we are busy going after hidden candidates, passive candidates, the most desirable candidates to hire.

When you hire SophLogic, you are hiring some of the best headhunters in the business. We go after passive candidates – the ones who aren’t looking – are the ones you really want to hire! Why would you pay a firm to continue to source the same old candidates off the same old dried up job boards? It makes no sense! When you hire SophLogic, we go right after those desirable candidates – passive candidates.

Whether you are considering a major IT project, planning a migration to the latest release or seeking assistance and sustainment support for your current IT environment, there are a wide variety of IT staffing options available to support you.

Selecting the best ITStaffing partner is just as difficult as finding the best platform to manage the business processes in your organization. If all your options are starting to look the same, consider SophLogic: we are unique, we headhunt and, together, we do more!

Our Strength is People!

Implementing and supporting IT systems is not easy, and the success of every project depends on the individuals your selected partner assembles for your project. Culture and values are difficult to measure, but we have learned they are critical to determining a successful outcome for your project. SophLogic consultants become part of your team. In a sense, your objectives become our objectives. We cannot be successful unless you are successful!

Quality and Consistency

Organizations who select an off-shoreIT Partners typically see a tremendous amount of turnover of staff, in many cases, upwards of 30%. Throughout our history, the turnover rate of our IT Consulting Teams has remained in the low single digits. For our clients, this means you will have a consistent team for the duration of your project. We have some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Our people enjoy doing what they are doing and thrive as they work together in expert teams.

Just the Right Size

SophLogic is a leading IT Staffing & Headhunting company, and over the past 17 years we have dramatically expanded our organization and service offerings. We are large enough to satisfy every ITStaffing requirement you may have, yet small enough to care and provide all of the personal attention you need.

Knowledge Transfer

Projects do not end when you go live. To ensure our clients achieve satisfaction after “Go Live”, all project engagements include our best efforts to transfer what we know to your team members – every step of the way.